Kompor Gas Rinnai Exotic

Rinnai produced many kind of gas cooker, mostly for developing country. Rinnai gas stove available from single burner to four burner cooktop which is rarely available on the local store. The most popular is the 2 burner table top gas cooker which is so famous among Indonesia and some other developing countries. Free standing gas stove/range is not popular becouse of the price. Table top gas cooker start from $20, and free standing range start from more than $200. For many developing countries, $200 is too expensive. Installation of table top gas cooker is less money. It only need regulator and hose to make it work. No need to call plumber or expert installer. That's why the term range or free standing stove/range is not common among developing countries users.

Btw, Rinnai exotic is not available anymore. So, this post already expired. Rinnai table top gas cooker - stove models already change. For newest models available on market, click HERE

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